Professional UAS Consultation

UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) technology is changing the way we do business across industries. Accessing this new technology involves more than simply selecting a drone and beginning operation. Our proven requirements analysis and systems integration approach ensures that our customers phase in this technology successfully. 

Benefits of implementing a UAS program include but are not limited to: 

  • Understand hardware and software requirements

  • Increased safety for employees, customers, and the environment

  • Decreased costs

  • Improved efficiency in operation

We are experienced UAS operators and aviation experts. We provide the expertise that will bring relevant, cost effective, and timely data to your business. Consulting services we provide include:

  • Preparation of Section 333 exemption and/or Part 107 for your company, to include development of safety and currency programs

  • Requirements assessment of your operations for UAS program integration

  • UAS flight demonstrations to help develop employment and operational concepts 

  • Selection of appropriate UAS to meet your requirements

  • Unmanned aircraft procurement

  • UAS subject matter experts to provide briefings on Unmanned Systems, their capabilities, limitations, and associated technology