In today's ever changing landscapes, construction companies are constantly needing in situ information.  Our on-demand rapid mapping services can be an extremely useful tool, giving the designers, management and the construction crews a view of their work from a different perspective. This Drone's-Eye-View can allow the construction partners to gather full site documentation, assist in modeling and project planning. Bridges, roads, canals, flooding areas and structures can all be easily inspected from the air. With our ability to cover hundreds of acres in just a few hours, our customers can see the progress of their jobs over time on both large and small sites on-demand, hourly or weekly. Hummingbird Systems can provide more data at a lower cost than ground surveys and much more frequently without the risk of hazardous terrain, environmental contaminants or heavy machinery.

On farms and ranches we can monitor subtle changes in the visible and near-infrared light spectrum that plants reflect. This data allows growers to spot plants under stress, monitor plant growth, plant population counts and enables agriculture professionals to cost-effectively gather crop health information on-demand and not have to pay the high costs of manned-aircraft flights. Hummingbird Systems can collect images at a centimeter level resolution per pixel. Using advanced analytics software and image processing, we are able to provide accurate vegetation index maps on your crops. Frequently captured near infrared images and data enable agronomists and growers to map the health of their crops as well as monitor their change over time. 

Drones allow planners to take low altitude aerial photography for urban design projects and development sites, street corridors, natural areas, and the urban form of the communities which they are working with, giving them perspectives and access to sites that are unprecedented. They are also able to easily develop 3D models for site analysis.

Real estate agents need an edge to market their properties in a way that will grab their potential clients attentionas wealthy buyers increasingly rely on the web for house hunting. Low altitude aerial photography and high definition video can help them market their listings in a dramatic and cost efficient manner. Virtually fly your clients through the neighborhood and give them a 360 degree drone's eye view of the property and help them understand the proximity of the property to the surrounding amenities and the environment.