We use Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones) and remote sensors to collect data of a job site or farm. We process the data for a documentation and analysis, generating accurate earthwork volume calculations, work-in-progress reports with centimeter grade unit measurements, 3D topographic mapping and models, crop yield reports, plant height measurements and crop health reports. Our industrial grade unmanned aerial systems and sensors provide high-resolution imagery & an array of remote sensor packages including; infrared, thermal, multi-spectral, visual and HD video meet each customer's needs. The data processing software provides stunning and actionable deliverables. A scan is ordered via our map based online order form, a technician/pilot is dispatched to scan the site and we return detailed interactive maps and reports for you and your team to use. Each scan may be used for visualization, monitoring and documentation. Customers pay for data storage and individual reports. The average scan takes about 30 minutes, can be scheduled on demand, and by the next business day you and your team can review your site in detail from anywhere in the world.

When employing SITE SCAN, an investor in New York can effectively monitor progress on a construction site in San Diego. Orthographic imaging will allow General Contractors and Contract administrators to know the exact production on their sites. A project manager can measure stockpiles of material,  environmental consultants and developers can satisfy documentation requirements without setting foot on the site and GPS way points are saved so each map can be repeated over time to furnish excellent time laps imaging of the site. 

  • Scans up to 100 acres can be completed in less than one hour

  • Various deliverables can be extracted from each scan

  • Cost effective documentation tool

  • Accurate maps, topographic surveys and photorealistic 3D models

  • Ability to document and measure distances, areas and volume

Once you have scheduled a SITE SCAN and selected the area you want to map, an operator will visit your site within 24 hours, compute the flight plan and collect the necessary data. Once the scan is completed and processed on our powerful workstations, you will receive a secure web link granting access to your data set. You can share this information with your team and customers or simply download the data you want. Your data maintains its integrity and is always safe, organized and available anytime you need it. 

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Once you schedule a SITE SCAN there are three steps to our process:

1) Acquisition - Planning and flying a mission over the area of interest

2) Processing - Upload the data collected from the drone to our HIVE system for processing real time maps and 3d models

3) Deliverable - A secure link to your data is sent to your email making it instantly accessible for you and for your clients