From aerial acquisition to delivery of final mapping products, Hummingbird is a full-service mapping firm offering mapping solutions with numerous remote sensing options.  Each project is unique and requires careful consideration of the best mapping tool for the job.  We are experts in addressing challenges such as steep terrain, heavy vegetation canopy, marsh lands, tall buildings, and weather.

Hummingbird has developed in-house data processing workflows to increase efficiency while maintaining quality and accuracy. The experience of our mapping specialists enables us to deliver an array of traditional and innovative mapping solutions – including orthophotography, digital terrain models, topographic maps, 3D models, GIS services


Data Acquisition

Project size matters and not all projects are created equal. We are acquisition agnostic – that is, we don’t believe in only offering one mode of geospatial data collection. Whether flying a conventional aircraft, or deploying one of our FAA-authorized UAS, our collection methods are based on maximizing efficiency while meeting the needs of every project.

Data Processing

Do you have aerial data that you collected but need help processing data into deliverables? We work with clients who collect their own data but need extra help in the processing stage. As experts in geomatics and data pro0cessing, we've become an essential channel partner for even the largest corporations. Our cloud based servers are able to batch process more data than a standalone PC. We license Pix4D photogrammetry software and help our customers turn their drone data into useful products.  




Almost every market can benefit from orthophotography . They may be used as basemaps, construction planning backdrops, larger prints, or for GIS analysis and image classification. Hummingbird Systems has extensive experience with aerial imagery data sets acquired by UAS and takes pride in providing seamless, high-accuracy orthomosaics.